With presidential candidates preparing for the upcoming election in 2016 it will come as no surprise, if candidates want the support of 3 major swing states. They most certainly will have to be on board with marijuana bot medically and recreational. With 84%of voters in Ohio and Florida that back medical marijuana, as well as 88% in Pennsylvania, it is safe to say these states are pro marijuana.
Yet individuals who choose to vote from within one of the 3 major swing states are concerned with the thought of legalizing cannabis verses using it themselves.

A rebuttal to the poll, Marijuana Majority Chairman Tom Angel stated towards Think Progress; “These results show that marijuana legalization is a mainstream issue that ambitious politicians should try to latch onto instead of run away from.”
As stated by Quinnipiac University, there has been no presidential candidate in over 5 decades that has won an election without being a victor over 2 of the major swing states.

“If the next president isn’t willing to personally support ending prohibition as the best policy approach, he or she at least needs to push for changing federal laws so that seriously ill people can use medical marijuana without fear of being harassed by the DEA. Medical marijuana polls way better with voters than any presidential candidate does.” Angel stated.

With the future of marijuana upon us both medically and recreational, it is safe to say in order to sway voters, presidential candidates will have to develop a plan for approaching the support of cannabis in a way that is acknowledged by potential voters in the upcoming 2016 election.

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