Who would have thought in today’s world combining marijuana and technology in the platform of social media apps would be a trend for consumers to follow.
With marijuana social media apps such as High There and My420Mate, all the way to an invite only format for the app KushCommon. This victory amongst the marijuana app world has opened the door for many more to come in the future.
It all began when a company by the name of MassRoots, which is, similar to Facebook for weed lovers, faced off with Apple and got banned from being allowed to sell their product in Apples online app store.

“We were trending under social networks in the app store, and Apple came after us saying, ‘We don’t want an app for a bunch of people being high; we don’t think that type of content belongs,’” Stated by Mass Roots CEO Isaac Dietrich. “So they put in a rule that said all marijuana social networks were prohibited. For dating, anything.”

A gentleman by the name of Dietrich, who got the marijuana investment fund, ArcView Group and the National Cannabis Industry Association to create a letter that would be sent to Tim Cook arguing that his policy was hindering innovation in the marijuana industry. Surely enough it worked. Apple in late January of this year changed their rules allowing once again marijuana social media apps to be sold in the app store. With the conditions that they could guarantee that their users were located in the desired 23 states where marijuana is legal.

Now with a wide spread of marijuana apps MassRoots is said to going public this week going under the ticker symbol MSRT. It will be one the first marijuana related IPOs from the security and Exchange Commission.

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