Times are changing, to say the least, especially when it comes to marijuana. In Seattle, body cam footage revealed a cop returning a bag of marijuana to the man who had dropped it. Keep in mind that marijuana is legal in Washington, so don’t expect this from local authorities in states without legalized marijuana.

The footage begins as the police officer approaches the man on a street corner.

The police officer asks the noticeably nervous man, “you doing alright?”

The man responds by saying, “I’m selling this shoe.”

“Uh huh,” the officer said with skepticism.

The man seemed to be searching for something in his shoe and that’s when the officer asked, “did you drop something?”

The man with guilt written all over his face looks down as he steps onto something that is on the floor and says, “no.” The officer then asks the man to step back.

The camera now showing the floor, where there is a black bag by the man’s feet. After the officer lifts the bag you see a small bag of pot.

The officer picks up the bag and says, “Ah, that’s just marijuana, put that away.”

The man now in disbelief to have his small stash returned to him now realizes he’s in Seattle and asks the officer, “how you doing today?”

“I’m doing great,” the officer responds then adding, “just remember you’re not supposed to display it or smoke in public.” Being that it was an unintentional display, the officer let it slide while also educating him on the new marijuana laws.

Whether you live in Washington or you are visiting don’t get caught smoking or displaying it in public and you will not anything to worry about. It is highly doubtful that every police officer in the state would return the goods.

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