A successful physical therapist, and entrepreneur, from Morris County, is gambling his entire future on the growth of the medical marijuana experimentation industry. But not to worry, David Cunic has not completely devoted his life to working with cannabis forever.

“Most people say ‘Oh, if you need a tester, I’ll test a joint for you,’ ” Cunic, from Denville and graduate of the Delbarton School, where he played basketball with NBA star Troy Murphy, stated. “And I say, ‘No, it’s not that type of testing.’ “

Cunic as well as his very successful corporation, Pazoo Inc., is now looking at a more scientific approach when experimenting on cannabis in laboratories substances that may harm consumers before the product is distributed at legal dispensaries in states where therapeutic cannabis is legal.

“We don’t grow cannabis, we don’t sell cannabis, we test it,” Cunic added during an interview with the Daily Record in his Whippany office on Route 10, which will soon be vacant once he moves to a larger facility. “We make sure that the end-user is getting the safest product out there.”

Although medical cannabis has been allowed in New Jersey since 2011, strict regulations and laws have not allowed much distribution and access to those that need it. Albeit those difficulties, testing the substances is not needed in the Garden State.

“When I talk to patients who are taking cannabis here in New Jersey, I say ‘Do you know what you’re putting in your body?’ They go ‘Yeah, it was tested.’ No, it’s not,” Cunic answered. “It’s not mandatory here in New Jersey to have your cannabis tested, so you don’t know what you’re putting in your body. It could be doing more harm than good. There could be pesticides, heavy metals, we even find dog feces. Excuse my terminology, but there could be a lot of crap in there.”

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