Painkillers have become a serious issue in the United States. During the past 15 years, America has seen a tremendous growth in both the sales of prescription opiates and the number of people who die each year from abusing them. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), painkillers accounted for 60% of all overdose deaths in 2013. Researchers from the RAND Corporation and the University of California-Irvine (UCI) may have found the answer and that is marijuana.

The researchers discovered a reduction in the number of opioids related overdoses, as well as a reduction in number admissions to addiction treatment center in states that legalized marijuana. The researchers also found that these states experienced significant reductions in both measures if they also legalized marijuana dispensaries.

In the six states where doctors can prescribe marijuana, but retail dispensaries are prohibited, the study found no evidence of reductions in substance abuse or mortality. In the 18 states where medical marijuana dispensaries are allowed, the researchers found a 16% reduction in opioid-related mortality and 28% reduction in opioid-abuse treatment admissions.

No one has ever died from smoking marijuana

No one has ever died from smoking marijuana but every year more than half a million people die from alcohol and tobacco. Every year, people die from the following substances:

  • 400,000 people die from tobacco
  • 100,000 people die from alcohol
  • 20,000 people die from legal drugs
  • 15,000 people die from illegal drugs
  • 2,000 people die from caffeine
  • 500 people die from aspirin

Joe Rogan said it best: The only reason why marijuana is illegal is because of economics. If marijuana was legal, it would cost pharmaceutical and alcohol companies billions of dollars every year.  The Partnership for a Drug-Free America is funded by alcohol companies. Alcohol is a sanctioned drug!

Authored By: Michael Berger

Michael Berger is the president and founder of Technical420, an independent research firm focused specifically on the cannabis sector. He was working for the equity research department at Raymond James Financial Inc., when he recognized a need for a service that provides up-to-date research and analysis on companies that operate in the cannabis industry. Mr. Berger studied finance and economics at Florida State University and is working toward achieving his CFA charter.


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