Art Wenzel says he’s been unable to get medical marijuana since the program launched here in New York. First, patients must contact their doctor to find out if medical marijuana will work.

A doctor must register with the Department of Health to get a certification for medical marijuana. Once registration is complete you will be able to purchase medical marijuana from designated dispensaries throughout the State.

Wenzel says his most recent oncologist disagreed with the distribution of marijuana, so he wasn’t registered to prescribe it to him. Wenzel is well known around Auburn as a music promoter and writer.

“For me, it’s life or death to try and take care of the ailments that I got.” Since he was told he has cancer, he’s become an advocate for those who could benefit from medical marijuana. Even though it’s legal, Wenzel says it’s tremendously difficult to obtain cannabis oil.

“Out of the 23 states that have it, we have the most stringent laws as far as getting the oil or the pills.” The list of doctors certified to prescribe medical marijuana has not been released.

Without a public document, Wenzel says even doctors don’t know where to refer patients. “In New York state, soon could be quite awhile.” He is a life-long marijuana smoker. He says legally prescribed marijuana would do more for him as he tries to overcome cancer. Wenzel has undergone chemotherapy and other treatments.

He is confident medical marijuana would help him make it through.
We reached out to the State to find out a specific date for the release of doctors certified to prescribe medical marijuana, but were only told, “Soon.”

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