OXIS has been a topic of conversation as well as a very profitable trade opportunity on / for MarijuanaStocks.com & WolfofWeedStreet.com. The Wolf sent out his “Morning Howl” this morning (5/5) providing a GREAT update on OXIS please read below.

“OXIS: I’m starting to think that the time to trade and accumulate this one at the current level is coming to a close. Volume the last week or so has been consistent with a big spike two Fridays ago end of day, touching .0395. The channel Oxis has been in is exceptionally tight and I feel like the .04 level will be retested sooner rather than later. As for my position it’s still intact at 750k, and the reason I’ve been In this as long as I have is that I like Biotech, but mostly because I feel like there are trials and drug results out there that we don’t know about. My hunch is that management isn’t standing idly by. I’m using PMCB as a reference not just because it’s biotech but because the share structures are somewhat similar float wise. PMCB’s float is 529m vs Oxis 500m. There’s also an O/S difference of about 107m with Pmcb at 707m and Oxis at 600m even. When it comes to the A/S Oxis wins with an A/S of 600m vs PMCB 1.49 billion which is good considering Oxis can’t dilute. So why the share difference? Well PMCB does a lot of promotion where Oxis CEO Tony Cataldo builds a biotech company like LBIO. Not sure there are many people in the MMJ space that can show a formula that actually works. Food for thought u guess, but I like Oxis going into the summer and I think the spring is loaded for a run, 25-50% wouldn’t shock me.”

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