As a new cannabis patient in early 2014, Michael Bourque (Co-Founder and Inventor of the CannaCloud system) saw the need for industry improvements when first trying medical cannabis. He struggled with intimidation, confusion, and lots of unknowns in terms of strains, dosage, and frequency of use. He also struggled with the methods of inhaling from smoking to edibles to vaporizing. As an experienced machinist, CAD designer, and inventor, he went into his lab to start building a better way to consume medical cannabis. He machined components, 3D printed parts, disassembled other similar appliances, programmed microchip controllers, and experimented with various doses and strains of cannabis. Eventually, all these parts and components started working together and became the very first version of the high-tech CannaCloud vaporizer.

Then Michael started to think about what Keurig did in the coffee industry to add convenience and consistency to the single-serve coffee industry, and how that consumer business model could really help medical cannabis patients control their doses and help ensure they had a great experience every time they vaporized. So he set off to develop a pod-based vaporizing system, not just a vaporizer, along with experts from a variety of fields who joined him on his journey.

The original three partners founded CannaKorp, Inc. just north of Boston. The technology start-up’s goal is to simplify and improve the cannabis consumer experience. Their first product innovation is the world’s first pod-based vaporizing system, the CannaCloud™. The company has developed a new delivery method to provide unprecedented quality-assurance, convenience, and consistency. The CannaCloud and pods have gained mainstream attention because its modern design and easy operation are so appealing to the growing mainstream cannabis market. In addition, the pods are filled with natural cannabis flower creating a unique form factor that does not require additives or denaturing but does ensure cannabis’ “ensemble” effect is intact.

The cannabis industry is continuously evolving cultivation standards, packaging, quality validation, and dosing guidelines – which, in some ways, are still not meeting consumer demands. In order to meet those expectations, CannaKorp has developed the means to modernize and legitimize the way cannabis is grown, processed, packaged, sold, and consumed to enhance convenience and the overall experience for those mainstream consumers who seek benefits from this alternative medicine.

CannaKorp is partnering with leading, licensed cannabis cultivators, processors, and retailers to produce CannaCloud pods that meet our quality standards. This is the first-ever suite of proprietary products designed to deliver consumer satisfaction and help people achieve their personal wellness goals, all while being easy to use and a great experience.

CannaKorp is led by a highly experienced team with a track record of success and backed by experts in the industry. The management team includes three former Keurig executives, each of whom contributed to Keurig’s early success eventually leading to $5 billion in revenue. CannaKorp’s mission is to empower consumers to realize and embrace the benefits of cannabis. CannaCloud products are expected to be available in select markets in early 2017 and will then expand throughout the US and Canada.

In addition, CannaKorp is investing significant time and resources to create recyclable CannaCloud pods and packaging as social and environmental responsibility are an important part of CannaKorp’s core values. The team is working diligently to ensure our products and systems are environmentally friendly. CannaKorp will publish more detailed information as we progress and develop these plans and programs.

If you would like to learn more about CannaKorp, visit or you can reach them at 781.435.1812 or email You can also follow them on social media for daily updates and other interesting general information.

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