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The marijuana stocks industry is always updating and developing that sometimes it may be difficult to keep up with everything that’s going on. One thing is undeniable and that is marijuana stocks are a force to be reckoned with. Unlike other industries, the cannabis industry is flooded with news some stock related, mostly political but all focused on one goal: Mass legalization across the country.

U.S. Marijuana Legalization

There would not be one event that would have the same effect on the marijuana stock market than a mass legalization policy put into action by the government. We are still ways away from that, despite, more than 50% of Americans have endorsed legal cannabis; there are still some optimistic indications that lean towards a promising future for cannabis.

One update that has been trending as of late is a bill that was proposed by Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ), who wants to legalize cannabis but is also encouraging all other states to follow in its footsteps. One of the main arguments in the U.S. around legalization is that the states and federal government are not on the same page in terms of where they stand on marijuana. Also in addition to that having a new president in the White House, the new administration has taken a dramatically different stance on the drug than the Obama Administration did.

This transition has created an additional obstacle for both legislators and marijuana activists. Overall, in order for legal marijuana to reach its full potential, the federal government needs to loosen the reigns and implement some form of federal protection for cannabis. If this doesn’t happen it is likely that the dark cloud hovering over the marijuana stock industry will remain uncertain.

So the move by Sen. Booker, while it seems destined to fail, is a the right step towards more progressive legislation that will in hopes keep us on the right path towards U.S. marijuana legalization. What makes this more intriguing is that Senator Booker is the quickly growing into the frontrunner of the Democratic Party and is being mentioned as the potential candidate to challenge Trump in 2020.

U.S. Cannabis Laws 2017
On the other side of the marijuana reform, stands the Trump administration, which has taken a harsh stance on the legalization of marijuana in the United States. While Trump flip flopped throughout his presidential campaign about what to do with marijuana laws, he first mentioned that he would follow Obama’s plan and leave it up to the states. Currently, Trump has a very different view on the position, which due to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Sessions leads the charge against the fight to legalize marijuana. He also assigned a task force to examine the impact of legal marijuana on the stats where the drug is recreational. Sessions thought the process was this is a great opportunity to gear up ammo he would need to battle the majority of the U.S. and attack the marijuana industry.

The result of this led to Sessions looking foolish. The task force returned and pretty much told him to back off, stating it was best to wait and see how things develop, which is stating that the current system is better than one Session is endorsing. The dropout has not been major, but it will likely be enough to throw off Session’s push towards stricter enforcement of federal drug laws.

Marijuana Real Estate Future Of The Industry?
Both recreational and medicinal marijuana have been recognized for their multi-billion market potential in the near future, Though there are other industries infiltrating the marijuana industry, such as marijuana real estate. Marijuana real estate consists of purchasing land and renting it to marijuana growers as a way to mitigate costs for cannabis growers themselves.

The marijuana real estate business helps reduce these risks for marijuana producers by leasing the land to the companies. The result is that the growers are not responsible for millions in terms of land investment should they ever be closed, while the marijuana real estate company collects rent so long as the marijuana company is in business.

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