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A year before the legalization of cannabis in Oregon, the wet forest terrain provided a more than ideal breeding ground for the then illegal plant. Many officials are of the suspicion that some criminals are taking the legally grown weed out of the state for sale in states that do not currently have legislation regarding the plant. The trafficking could lead to a legislative mess and a delegitimization of the industry as a whole if it continues.

As U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions puts the industry at risk, the legal states are trying to have an iron fist toward the justice behind their legalization.

Many dispensaries who sell the product are finding that it is difficult to track the legal weed and borderline impossible once it has been purchased and taken out of their store. Oregon Governor Kate Brown recently passed a law for state regulators to track their product from seed to store in regard to all marijuana grown for sale in the state of Oregon. Speaker of the Oregon House, Tina Kotek, stated that “we’re protecting the new industry that we’re supporting here. There was a real recognition that things could be changing in D.C.”

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board said that it would be replacing its current tracking with a system that they are calling “highly secure, reliable, scalable and flexible system.”

Adam Crabtree, the owner of Denver-based Nationwide Compliance Specialists Inc., which helps tax collectors track elusive, cash-heavy industries like the marijuana business, stated “The tracking system is the most important tool a state has, but the systems aren’t fool-proof. They rely on the users’ honesty. We have seen numerous examples of people ‘forgetting’ to tag plants.”

The legitimacy of the market now depends on the ability of the dispensaries and suppliers to track their plant.

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