The United States Supreme Court recently turned town a lawsuit brought forth by Oklahoma and Nebraska urging an instant end to the marijuana industry set up in Colorado. However, a new report shows that two states that have not legalized marijuana are still coming up with ways to try to end the cannabis industry.

The Denver Post reports that Oklahoma and Nebraska took steps to slyly dismantle the cannabis industry in Colorado by asking the tenth United States Circuit Court of Appeals to mix their case with others that are related to marijuana so that it can put an end to recreational marijuana altogether rather than just in one state. All of the issues are practically the same; they assert that the new amendment has made it much more difficult for both law enforcement agencies and citizens since this is not the same as the law of the federal government.

Both of the cases that Oklahoma and Nebraska are trying to put themselves against have already been put away by the United States District Court. One of the lawsuits, which was filed in 2015 by a group of Colorado officers, claims that the state’s marijuana industry should be taken down because it makes then go against their oath to protect the United States Constitution.

“The Court’s refusal to even hear the case suggests the Court would rule against their arguments,” Keith Stoup, legal counsel for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), explained, “even if they eventually reached the Court by more traditional means—filing the suit in Federal District Court; appealing a loss through the U.S. Court of Appeals; and then successfully petitioning the Supremes to accept the case for review. This means that the federal courts are almost certainly NOT going to step in and decide this issue, but rather they are satisfied to permit the political process to run its course over the next several years.”

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