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The marijuana industry in the recent weeks has been quite up and down along with the rest of the market as various bouts of news continue to contribute to the shifting landscape. With this, however, has come a sense of resilience in the industry as a whole as more and more investors see the market on cannabis beginning to settle down. Because of this, so many have stated that November could be the month that cannabis begins to climb back up to where individuals know it can be in the near future. Several companies have been able to show a massive amount of potential and intrinsic value that is continuing to fuel the industry with opportunity.

Next Green Wave (NGW) has been one of the primary companies that individuals have been watching for some time now. The company has been working to secure their spot in the vertically integrated side of the cannabis market by producing high quality, craft cannabis and products. The company has also been working on continuing to up the amount of growing space they have.

Next Green Wave has been working to secure as much as 80,000 square feet of grow room which means they could soon be up there with some of the largest growers in the industry. In addition, the company is based extremely centrally within the Californian market. California has been slated to be the largest individual marijuana market in the world, which makes NGW’s positioning extremely important to their growth in the future. The company has been said to have a great amount of exposure to this market and as they continue to build out their growing space, the hopes are that this exposure will only grow further.

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CannTrust Holdings (NASDAQOTH:CNTTF) has been noted as one of the most intriguing cannabis stocks to watch as the industry matures. The company is based out of Ontario, which gives them a very solid positioning in the newly legalized Canadian recreational weed market. On November 14th, the company is also stated to put out their quarterly operating results which could show some overwhelming potential for the future.

The company has stated that they could potentially be putting out a total sales amount of around $9 million Canadian dollars, which would show a 91% year-over-year growth pattern. This also is just the beginning of the market as Canada only began selling recreational cannabis a few weeks ago. The company has been using all of this profit to continue building the amount of room they have to grow marijuana. With 600,000 square feet of expansion plans underway, CannTrust remains one of the important companies to watch as the industry continues to move about the next few months to years.

Companies like these have supported the marijuana stock space as the backbone of the market. With new innovation coming into the space on a regular basis, it seems as though there is nowhere to go but up in the industry. Only time will tell how the future of marijuana contributes to current growth trends.

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