Aside from the smokeable product we all know and love, the hemp plant has many promising opportunities in its future which are bringing in lots of new investors into the market.

Many mistake help for cannabis, and though it comes from the same plant it is undoubtedly a different product. Marijuana is grown to have THC (the main psychoactive component) at extremely high levels, while hemp only has trace amounts of around less than 0.3% of the hallucinogen. Because of its low THC content, you could smoke a pound of it and never feel any high. However, the seeds are still considered a Schedule I narcotic.

The plant is traditionally used in various ways such as textiles, ropes and more. This is due to its strength as a fabric. After around a month of growth, the hemp stalk is so sturdy that it is almost impossible to break. For culinary use, the seeds are pressed to produce an oil that can be processed into a flour from which products like pasta, bread, and many other possibilities can be created.

Hemp has a large appeal to be used as a food due to its potential in the market. Hemp is known as a superfood in the same category as flax and chia seeds, with long-term, sustainable play in the market. Products using hemp flour are not only some of the highest in protein, but they contain 20 amino acids, including nine that the body cannot product. In addition, it has extreme health benefits such as, immune boosting, weight suppressant, and an ability to lower blood pressure and cholesterol. It is also a big hit with vegetarians because it is high in the fatty acids omega-3 which is found in food like salmon.

For all these reasons and more, hemp seems to be on the rise with no show in sight of slowing down. With large potential on the market to fill the healthy food section, the possibilities hemp holds are endless.

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  1. What about biofuel made from hemp, digestable hemp seeds, paper that will last as long as papyrus, hemp oil that can be used as a healing agent, plastics, and last but not least, very durable clothing that uses MUCH less energy to grow than cotton.

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