MJS Trends – January 17, 2018

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Sessions: Can’t Touch These Marijuana Stocks

Although Attorney General Jeff Sessions has begun his war against U.S. marijuana stocks, it doesn’t mean his wrath will ripple where he doesn’t have any authority. In other words, Sessions’ thoughts regarding marijuana are nothing more than that of a peasant’s in other countries. The outlook for marijuana stocks, including U.S. marijuana stocks, remains bullish and will probably be their best year yet.

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Colorado Proposes New Bill For Marijuana Tracking System

Since 2012, the state of Colorado has been benefiting from the legalization of marijuana. The state’s Chief Medical Officer has said that there haven’t been any significant issues that have stemmed from marijuana’s legalization. But, as the state’s marijuana industry continues to bud, something is still missing. A tracking system.

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Will New York Be The Next State To Go Fully Legal?

New York has dropped behind the majority of other states with fully comprehensive medical marijuana programs and legal recreational marijuana use. However, the topic has finally been presented to the state assembly. Is New York about to legalize recreational marijuana? Back on January 11th, 26 people testified before a committee to discuss New York’s future pertaining to legalizing recreational marijuana.

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