Since 2012, the state of Colorado has been benefiting from the legalization of marijuana. The state’s Chief Medical Officer has said that there haven’t been any significant issues that have stemmed from marijuana’s legalization. But, as the state’s marijuana industry continues to bud, something is still missing. A tracking system.

Marijuana tracking system is far from an innovative idea, some marijuana businesses have been using this type of technology for years. But, in a new bill, the state has suggested to implement a method similar to this in the Senate Bill 18-029.

The bill requires the institute of cannabis research at Colorado state university to create a marijuana tracking technology. It is required that the technology will possess an agent that can be applied to a marijuana plant, marijuana product, industrial hemp, or industrial hemp product and then scanned by a device. The scan will ultimately determine if the product was grown, manufactured and distributed legally. Dispensary owners and law enforcement will be able to verify the exact source of a product with just one scan, sounds easy enough.

But, what about potential downsides? The Senate’s proposed bill calls for an unnamed “agent” to be applied directly to the product. This unspecified “agent” could be a sticker, microchip, a tag, the list can go on. But, for the most part, the products we will be scanning are actual plants.

For those who will be responsible for creating and manufacturing these marijuana tracking systems will need to keep in mind that whatever is applied to the products, specifically the plants, cannot disrupt neither the biological nor chemical components. If a marijuana tracking system alters a plant at a seed or even a cellular level, this opens the doors for a multitude of issues.

Sponsors introduced the Bill 18-029 during a last week’s Senate Session. The bill was assigned to the Business, Labor and Technology committee. Lawmakers have yet to vote on the bill. We’ll just have to wait and see if Senate Bill 18-029 is passed, and what it means for growers and distributors.

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