There have been many opponents of marijuana throughout history. However, there might be a new one that is much more frightening than any of the opponents the industry has seen in the past: the Islamic State militant group. The Islamic State militant group published a video on Tuesday that attempts to portray its members setting a cannabis field on fire in a town that it took over in North Syria. The clip seemed to have been shot in the town of Akhtarin and was put up on YouTube by an ISIS supporter earlier this week. It seems as though the militant group is yelling and denouncing the evils of taking drugs prior to chopping down cannabis bushes and putting them on fire.

The militants state that they found the farm after having seized Akhtarin in the last couple of weeks from the Free Syrian Army, a group of rebels in Syria. The militants have added that the farm owner ran across the border to Turkey, but that they are going to find him. Syria Deeply announced in July that some cultivators in North Syria have turned to cannabis farming in a desperate bid to make some type of income in the middle of Syria’s awful civil war.

However, the farmers have become threatened by radical Islamist fighters, including the militants of the Islamic State, who think that drugs are against Islamic Law. The Islamic State group, which used to be known as ISIS, has been known to undertake a harsh interpretation of Islamic law in areas under its control in Iraq as well as Syria. They have banned cigarettes, alcohol, as well as drugs. A United Nations commission stated on Wednesday that the group’s systematic abuse of civilians, including public executions and training child soldiers, might hold up as crimes against humanity.

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