When a controversial problem is being heavily focused upon, you will typically see extremely passionate people come out to fight. That was definitely the case for many of the citizens in Michigan who signed a petition to legalize cannabis. At the start of this week, over 350,000 signatures were given in to the Bureau of State Elections. Now, the Bureau is going to examine 354,000 signatures and look at whether or not they are valid. Then, after all the signatures are examined, a report will be sent to the Board of State Canvassers.

However, things are not very clear; there is no telling whether or not all the signatures that were submitted will be valid. Furthermore, a new law was passed that gave petitioners three months to gather signatures. According to East Lansing attorney and Executive Director of MI Legalize, Jeff Hank, they have hope.

“A lot of people put a lot of effort into this to make this happen,” Hank stated.

A petition for cannabis; this is an attempt that began all the way in June, and it sent thousands of volunteers to gather tens of thousands of signatures to legalized it in Michigan. One year later, there are 61 boxes filled with over 354,000 voter signatures.

“I am so relieved, it’s an amazing process,” said Jeanne Day-Labo. “This is totally people funded, we’ve had people donating money, we’ve had one minute you don’t know if you’ll get it and one minute you’re like we got it.”

Day-Labo spends her time volunteering for MI Legalize.

“We’ve worked so hard,” Hank concluded. “The people of the state of Michigan really stepped up to the plate. We submitted over 354,000 potentially valid signatures, and it’s a historic moment, it’s never been done in Michigan, we’re a true grassroots campaign.”

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