2 New States Voted To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

When it comes to the cannabis industry, many areas of growth and progress have occurred. Not just on the publicly traded side with marijuana stocks but overall. the cannabis industry inside the USA is expanding at a fast pace, especially with more states voting to go legal and start a legal cannabis market. In recent news 2 new states have voted to legalize cannabis recreationally. Recreational marijuana was legalized by voters in Missouri and Maryland. However, this same vote was not passed in a few other states.

This indicated that the backing for legal cannabis is slowly increasing. As well as more traditional parts of the United States. Now with Maryland and Missouri fully legal now there are over 20 states with recreational markets. Arkansas and North Dakota voters denied the proposition for legalization during Tuesday’s elections. A similar bill went before voters in South Dakota, but early Wednesday it was too early to call. Advocates said the results send a statement to legislators in Washington about support around the USA for legalization.

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Cannabis Is Recreational In Missouri and Maryland

Missouri’s cannabis measure will legalize recreational cannabis for people 21 and older. Plus it will expunge records of prior arrests and convictions for nonviolent marijuana offenses. Except for selling to people under the legal age or driving under the influence.

“It just shows that this is not a partisan issue,” said John Payne, who led the Missouri campaign to legalize marijuana use. “This is something that transcends partisan divides.”

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Payne said he anticipates the official sale of recreational cannabis to start in Missouri in early 2023. Opponents said they would be working to limit the implementation of Missouri’s legalization. For example, operating with cities and towns to opt-out of allowing dispensaries in the area. Maryland will also make modifications in criminal regulations and assemble automatic expungements of past cannabis possession convictions.

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