A blue ribbon panel states curbing the illegal marijuana market in California should be the main purpose of legalizing marijuana for recreational use in California, and not developing another tax source.
From a 93 page report that was released this past Wednesday, the panel chaired by Lt Gov. Gavin Newsom gives a vast selection and competing interests incorporated as advocates work to give a recreational use initiative to voters in this upcoming year.

Chief among the concern will be to decide how to structure licenses that marijuana cultivators and others in the marijuana industry will need. That panel shows that it wants that completed in a way that both allow existing low-level suppliers to be a part of the action as well as heading to legitimate employment without making an unwieldy operation.

The group stated it was also crucial to develop a regulatory system that does not make it easier for kids to gain access to marijuana and does not support exports by growing more marijuana than the people in California use.

America’s most popular state already has a strong medical marijuana industry and not to mention a prospering black market with connection to Mexico.

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