When choosing a retirement location, a few key points come into play: amenities, climate, how close you are to family and access to quality healthcare. Chris Cooper had other factors to account for marijuana laws.

The investment adviser from Toledo had a long battle with back issues because of a fractured vertebra and a crushed disk due to a fall. He didn’t like the strong pain medicine such as Percocet, however, one remedy did provide comfort towards the pain and spasms and that is marijuana.

So when Cooper, 57 was searching for a place to start his retirement, he ultimately ended up in San Diego, since California allows medical marijuana. An increasing amount of people whoa re retiring are also factoring in the legalization of marijuana when deciding where to spend the rest of their days.

“Stores are packed with every type of person you can imagine,” said Cooper who takes marijuana once or twice a week, often orally. “There are old men in wheelchairs, or women whose hair is falling out from chemotherapy. You see literally everybody.”

Cooper who gauges he will spend roughly about $150 on marijuana each month, is not the only person retiring to a marijuana-friendly state.

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