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Two Pot Stocks to Watch For The Last Week of June

The month of June has already been quite exciting for marijuana stocks. With some solid gains and no huge losses, many investors are calling the past few weeks a win. Although we are used to seeing massive percentage gains for some popular pot stocks to watch, that type of growth can be unsustainable. Rather, what we want from the cannabis industry is steady growth that continues for a long period of time. Marijuana stocks are known to be quite volatile. And while this volatility can be a major positive for some, others find it as a reason to avoid investing in pot stocks

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As we move forward, the hopes are that we can see larger amounts of stability begin to creep into the cannabis industry. In this way, more investors could become comfortable investing in pot stocks. As far as the industry goes, it seems as though there are a few major pot stocks to watch. These companies are not discriminated against based on their size, but rather what they are doing in the industry. Both forward-thinking and balance sheets are something that investors should starkly take into consideration. With those two factors in mind, these are two pot stocks to watch for the week of June 22nd.

An Ancillary Marijuana Stock With Solid Potential

Scotts Miracle-Gro Inc . (SMG Stock Report) is one of the most popular ancillary marijuana stocks to watch. Many have stated that SMG stock moves up the most in summer due to more people purchasing gardening supplies during that time. The company on its own is quite a classic stock to invest in, but its entrance into the cannabis industry makes it that much more interesting. As a gardening supply company, Scotts has had some issues in the past. But, its specifically cannabis geared subsidiary, Hawthorne Gardening has continued to supply the company with a solid balance sheet.

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Hawthorne Gardening is a producer of hydroponic supplies that helps those who wish to grow cannabis. The subsidiary has continued to be a source of revenue on the SMG stock balance sheet. For this reason, many view Hawthorne as being one of the major reasons to invest in SMG stock. Whether or not it can show major profitability in its original business remains to be seen. But, with more people than ever working to grow cannabis at home, the company continues to look like an interesting pot stock to watch.

A Grower and a Shower Pot Stock

Village Farms International Inc. (VFF Stock Report) has been one of the most consistently profitable pot stocks to watch for quite some time. Since mid-March, VFF stock has bounced up by as much as 180%. This is quite a staggering increase and should be met with some solid excitement. Although year to date, VFF stock is down by around 10%, compared to the rest of the industry that is still quite good. In the past five quarters, VFF stock has managed to show consistent profitability.

This is not something that almost any marijuana stock can say for itself. With its capacity to grow cannabis in the U.S. shooting up all the time, the company should be ready come November when more states potentially legalize cannabis. As one of the mid-sized growers, the company is also able to secure higher margins than many of the largest marijuana stocks to watch. For this reason, investors have continued to keep a close eye on Village Farms.

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