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3 Marijuana Stocks To Watch After FDA Hearing

This month the FDA held its first-ever hearing on CBD, the non-psychoactive substance in cannabis. It has long been used for medical applications and now that it’s being put into food items and sold on a mass scale, the FDA is requesting more information. The hearing lasted nearly 10-hours and saw more than 100 speakers testify about the wide range of experiences and segments of the industry over the years. At the end of the day, everything seems to come down to compliance yet the FDA still has to determine how it will regulate CBD. Needless to say, there are several marijuana stocks to watch after this hearing concluded.

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What’s Going on With Marijuana Legislation?

The world of marijuana has revolved around the legislation that allows it to flourish for quite some time now. Although the majority of the U.S. has stated that they are in favor of legalizing the substance on a broad scale, not much has been done from the federal level to do so. Despite this, cannabis has shown itself to be quite a large part of our present and past. With so much about cannabis in question, some states have chosen to move forward with new laws.

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These Marijuana Stocks Could Have a Lot to Offer To the Market

The marijuana stock market has definitely seen its fair share of ups and downs over the course of the past few weeks. In that time, we have seen a slight amount of pullback, but this has swiftly been followed up by a new bullish run. This type of up and down movement, however, is quite characteristic of the marijuana industry as a whole and has been since its inception. Despite some volatility, it appears as though there are several companies that have shown quite a large amount of opportunity for the future. These businesses may not be the largest players in the industry, but they definitely are bringing an alternative side of the space to light.

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