If one were to look at HelloMD, a medical start-up that worked to connect patients with doctors right away over the internet. From the website, you would explain what you were feeling, fill in personal details, then pay a $50 consultation fee. Ten minutes later, you would find a doctor who was licensed to practice medicine in your state. There from his or her home, the doctor would talk to you very casually, not wearing a traditional white coat as one would likely expect.

The doctor would then ask about your medical history, how you are currently feeling and how familiar you are with certain medicines. The interview will be quick and last just a few minutes, then the doctor may tell you just what you want to hear after visiting HelloMD: that you are eligible for medical marijuana depending on the state in which you live in.

HelloMD is one of the newest trends in Silicon Valley and top of that, it is a part of the cannabis tech start-up section. As cannabis laws are slowly becoming less strict throughout the United States, entrepreneurs and investors are making new businesses to hit it rich for the industry that they believe will continue to grow. Similar to start-ups in many other industries, these firms are using technology to innovate and bring speed and efficiency to what used to be a primarily face-to-face or pen-and-paper market. At the same time, the industries are also trying to change the negative view that people have on the marijuana industry with mostly Rastafarian imagery.

“What we see is moms, dads, professionals, old people, everyone wanting access to cannabis,” founder of HelloMD, Mark Hadfield, stated. “The old type of experience — go to a crummy dispensary, wait in line — was not going to appeal to the market that we were after, which is everyday Americans, a market that, by the way, is much larger than the old market of — I don’t want to call them stoners, but let’s say, ‘recreationally minded young people.’”

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