Regardless of the growing acceptance toward marijuana, state governments hold a firm stance on the subject of advertising the drug. Governments feel that they have done enough in allowing the legalization but also promoting it to people felt a bit too far. It seems as opinions have shifted, and some states are taking a step back from these restrictions to allow marijuana to boom within the economy while others are still having issues with it.

Colorado, known for its optimistic laws with marijuana, has decided to loosen the restrictions placed on marijuana business marketing. It’s no surprise Colorado is stepping out and being one of the first to do this because they are one of the states responsible for the marijuana movement across America. Boulder, Colorado, is noticing several changes made to its marijuana regulations. The state previously decided to put restrictions on the marketing of marijuana to try and keep it out of the eyes and hands of kids, but this is starting to change. The changes in the regulations would allow marijuana businesses to give away promotional items, and this was something completely banned up until this point. There was 19 rule changes made and they are to be reviewed by the City Council soon. The city staff made a statement to the council saying, “For businesses, marketing and branding are recognized ways to increase revenue. For those concerned about the effect of marijuana on youth, there is a desire not to repeat the mistakes related to tobacco smoking.” It seems as though one of the biggest challenges the state is facing is the ability to balance the interest’s of everyone.

Many states have joined Colorado in making marijuana a more accessible item to the public. In New Mexico, the government deiced to simplify the medical marijuana patient application. This doesn’t mean that the requirements needed in order to be candidate are easier, but the application itself its more simple which will promote more people to fill it out. Nearly 49,000 patients were enrolled at the end of the month of February. The changes made will allow the marijuana industry to continue to grow and return success and money back into the economy.

Aside from all the progress made within the marijuana movement in some states, not everyone is aboard. Other states are deciding to take a step back and don’t feel ready to allow marijuana to dominate a huge part of business in the economy. In Massachusetts, marijuana businesses are possibly facing a ban across the state. The state has expressed their concerns that having such easy access to marijuana will just increase the opioid problem that has plagued America for some time now. Recreational sales are predicted to begin this summer, but marijuana companies will be banned from most cities in Massachusetts. Only a handful of Cannabis stores will be available to consumers this summer, and this makes it very difficult for the marijuana industry to thrive.

There is a clear division in opinion ranging from state to state. Some recognize all of the positive it can do to the economy within a state, but others just aren’t ready to accept the drug and allow it to thrive within business.

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