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It seems as though the opportunity for marijuana stocks has remained quite high. With so many companies to watch in the marijuana stock market, it can be difficult to find the right ones to pay attention to. Although this article mainly discusses some large-cap pot stocks to watch, there are quite a few small to mid-cap marijuana stocks to watch as well.

These companies have quite the opportunity ahead of them given the length of time that the market has been around. With some companies earning more attention than others, it seems as though now is more the time than ever to take a closer look at the marijuana stock market.

The REIT Pot Stock

Innovative Industrial Properties (IIPR Stock Report) Is a real estate investment trust for the cannabis industry and is one of the most popular non-pot stocks to watch. The company has maintained a constant level of profitability that has kept them in the spotlight for some time now. As an REIT, the company is required to pay the majority of their profits back to investors in the form of dividends. This can be a major plus for some investors looking for an incentive-based investment.

The company has leased out all of their 27 owned properties throughout twelve states in the U.S. The date for IIPR has also shown that they have around 14.5% of return on invested capital. The company might show some volatility at certain times, but they have managed to give consistent and predictable results. All in all, they remain a key marijuana stock to watch.

The Retail Cannabis Stock to Watch

MedMen Enterprises (MMNFF Stock Report) is another one of the leading pot stocks to watch. The company has a total of 37 retail locations throughout California, Nevada, New York, Arizona, and Illinois. One of the interesting things is that they have posted higher profits per square foot than some of the largest retail chains in the world such as Apple. MedMen IPO

The company has been working tirelessly to expand their current business model but they have seen some hardships along the way. The company saw some controversy a while back after showing to the public that they take all of their employee’s tips. While this is simply a case of greed at a high level, it seems as though these worries have been all resolved. For now, they continue to present a differing opportunity for marijuana stock investors.

The Future of Pot Stocks

The cannabis stock market remains extremely exciting. With projections for the future of the industry hitting in the hundreds of billions in the next ten years, there is still a long way to go. This means that the opportunity should still be there for those looking to get into one of the most exciting markets of the modern-day.

The most important concept to consider when investing in cannabis stocks really is to do all the research necessary. This means learning a company’s financials, where they’re going and any information available. For now, marijuana stocks continue to present a lot of interesting plays for the future.

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