While trying to fight the antagonistic leaders of the alcohol and tobacco lobbies that have had an impact on the system for years to keep the production of marijuana illegal, Perry Clark, Democratic Senator, has apparently submitted a proposal to the State Legislature with the goal of legalizing marijuana in Kentucky.

Last week, in Frankfort, a city where alcohol can is still regulated and prohibited, Clark took his bill up to the steps of the Capitol building. The bill is the “Cannabis Freedom Act,” and is aimed towards nullifying existing laws centered around the growing, possession, and distribution of cannabis by suggesting that cannabis is treated similarly to the way alcohol is handled.

“It is abundantly clear to me that cannabis while being much less harmful, should be treated the same as alcohol,” Clark stated. “The Cannabis Freedom Act is an outline on how to tax and regulate the sale of marijuana to adults 21 and older in Kentucky. It is time for this discussion in our Commonwealth.”

In summation, this proposal would result in Kentucky acting like states such as Colorado and Washington, which have fully legalized the crop in order to stop a ton of arrests while also bringing in a great economic resource to generate tax revenue for the greater good of the states. New reports suggest that unlike the projections that key officials in Colorado made before the beginning of the marijuana industry, legal marijuana has not led to increased criminal activity and has actually raised over $100 million in tax revenue this year.

“What we have seen is it hasn’t been the catastrophe some people feared that it would be,” Colorado’s Pot Czar, Andrew Freedman, stated.

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