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The marijuana market has seen a complete boom over the course of the past few years. With any growth of an industry, it seems as though one of the most important parts is the individuals who continue to fuel that growth. Marijuana-based companies have been working to build out their businesses which involves hiring the best people in the market. With cannabis projected to reach past $7 billion by the end of this year, it looks like there is no shortage when it comes to jobs in the industry.

The two most important sectors for cannabis have remained as the U.S. and Canada. With the substance still being federally illegal within the U.S., it looks like many people have turned to the north to find jobs. This has sparked a new and competitive field within Canada for marijuana-related jobs.

One of the difficult tasks within the industry has been finding the right talent for the job. Because marijuana as a legal market has only been around for a few years, it looks like there are not as many individuals with experience in the professional cannabis setting as needed to fill the spaces. It does, however, appear that there are way more open positions in everything from marketing to product design and more. With this, there is a new series of people whose aim is to become certified in being a part of such a fast-paced market place.

The executive position in the cannabis industry is also something that has been tough to come upon. Due to the fact that it is quite hard to have a lot of experience in such a new market, it has been difficult for many companies to find qualified individuals. In addition to that, it seems as though Canada has done its fair share to attract potential applicants to their market instead.

One of the most popular positions and for good reason is that of the bud-tender. These individuals are the frontline of the marijuana industry and it turns out that it does not take much experience to begin the learning curve of becoming a bud-tender. These individuals have become quite sought after in the marijuana market and it doesn’t seem like there is a shortage of applicants.

The only issue that remains in this side of the market (at least in the U.S.) is the legislation that could help the country compete with its northern neighbor. Right now, it is quite difficult to run a marijuana-based business in the U.S. due to the stringent laws regarding how the industry functions. If these antiquated pieces of legislation can be changed to reflect where the market is going, it seems as though there is a real shot of success here. Until that point, it looks like Canada could continue to set an example for how the U.S. could reshape its marijuana market for the better of the future.

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