Just after the celebrating the former Governor of Minnesota’s 65th birthday, Jesse Ventura sat down for an opinion-packed 30 minutes Q & A, leaving no stone unturned – and no turn unstoned! Was finding a publisher difficult for Manifesto? No, not at all because Tony Lyons at Skyhorse is a publisher with courage. It’s the “Reefer madness” idea that somehow, if you smoke pot, you’re going to go off the deep end and you’re going to go crazy and commit crimes and all this crap, like right out of the Reefer Madness movie.

Truthfully it’s actually a harmless drug and for those who smoke it for the euphoric feeling, like Tommy Chong told me, that’s great for mental health. Another reason I’m so passionate about marijuana and have gotten on the bandwagon even more so is because I’ve been affected personally by it.

Mr. Ventura did research for the book and found out the DEA breaks into homes and have actually killed people and then found out later they went into the wrong house! That really irks me because no DEA agent has ever been brought up and charged with a crime! So when the DEA kills an innocent person, I guess our government just considers that to be collateral damage in the War on Drugs, And when the DEA claims: “We need to study it more” – no, they don’t! That’s just their tactic to delay the inevitable – legalization.

How do we overcome this? The way it should be done is state-by-state – grassroots legalization in every state to go up against federal marijuana laws. That’s what we have to fight against – the corporate takeover of marijuana and hemp. The one common denominator is – always – follow the money! Is legalization the key to breaking the privatization of prisons? The private sector is all about profit-making and the public sector is about providing services to people.

So it’s imperative they keep the marijuana laws on the books so they can keep our prisons full – so the private corporations who run the prisons can be profitable. Is there any way to break free of the military industrial complex’s influence over U.S. foreign policy and war making? Certainly, we need defense; you need to be able to defend your country, so that’s a given. These corporations control our elected officials, and that’s why we go to war: for them to make money.

Now it’s just a matter of convincing elected officials of the will of the people – and we do that by reminding them that they’re not in charge – we are. They work for us! And it’s time for us as a people to unite and say we’ve had enough of your bullshit, Let’s legalize marijuana and start making money off it like they’ve already done in Colorado and Washington. That is not a tiny thing when you have a department the size of the judicial branch that now shows a 15 percent drop in what they need to spend, simply because they legalized marijuana and they don’t have to bust people for it anymore.


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