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Last week’s comments from Press Secretary Sean Spice about recreational cannabis raised eyebrows but they are nothing compared to what United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions said yesterday.

Sessions met with reports and said that experts told him about violence in the cannabis industry. These experts also said the potency levels are unhealthy. Sessions also implied that state-level legalization was leading to increased youth consumption.

Alternative Facts Distort the Truth

From Conway to Sessions, it is very tough to believe what you hear from the White House anymore. The number of alternative facts being reported from the White House is disheartening and yesterday’s comments by Sessions is a perfect example of it.

The Attorney General did not discuss the type of violence being reported by his experts, the government is the one of the main culprits responsible for any increase in violence (high cash business since these companies cannot use banks). The legalization of cannabis would lead to a significant decrease in violence since the only connection between the violence and cannabis is the one that exists on the black market. A regulated market would solve this problem very quickly.

Although we do acknowledge the fact that cannabis is more potent than it was 20-30 years ago, there is not any evidence in support of Sessions’ claim about higher potency being unhealthy.

When it comes to cannabis usage, specifically among youths, studies looking at consumption trends in legal states have found the opposite to be true from what Sessions reported. The lack of a spike in youth consumption in Colorado is the main reason why the governor, John Hickenlooper is getting close to fully supporting recreational marijuana.

Hickenlooper said, “We didn’t see a spike in teenage use. If anything, it’s come down in the last year. And we’re getting anecdotal reports of less drug dealers.”

Show Your Support Today

Sessions said, “I’m definitely not a fan of expanded use of marijuana. States they can pass the laws they choose. I would just say it does remain a violation of federal law to distribute marijuana throughout any place in the United States, whether a state legalizes it or not.”

Based off Sessions comments, the United States cannabis industry is facing an imminent attack by the Federal government and support is needed now more than ever.

Change will only occur when there is enough support to drown out the naysayers. Reach out to your state’s governor. Contact your state representatives and senators as well as local officials and anyone who will file a complaint on your behalf.

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  1. As usual we end up with an old fart with old fart views as the atty general !!!! All bullshit and no common sense. I think that one of the requirements of being a lawyer is to be a superb liar and twister of the truth. It also seems to be a requirement to hold gov’t positions!!!! Trump wants to create jobs, here is his chance!!! This industry will create more jobs than he could possibly imagine and he just farts on the possibility of it!!! He should stop kissing the pharmaceutical industries ass, be a man and force the dea and sessions to lower the status of cannabis. You know as well as i do that the pharmaceutical industry is a big force behind all this B.S. I as an american, am tired of all the lies and twisting of the truth for other peoples gains in their bank accounts. They are all just pissed off that a lot of average americans have a jump on this industry and they don’t !!!

  2. What Jeff Sessions really means is that there are thousands of stores around the country that have been selling 50.00 eights for almost 5 years with NO access to banks. He means that there are TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars in cash for the DOJ to confiscate. I knew that they were going to do this why o you think the FEDS let medium level dealers sell dope? So that when they get big its worth busting them. They just want the $$$$$. Since the cartel has lost Billions those Pay offs aren’t that big any more. But with Houses full of cash who get to count the seized assets? Dope dealing thieves the USA government is. Iran Contra anybody!

  3. Why won’t they just give up already and completely legalize? You’d think they’d be more willing with our neighbors to the north making the smart move.

  4. I wanted to say something on behalf of medical marijuana. The amount of prescription medications that teens are able to get ahold of these days, and the amount of prescription medications that are prescribed makes no sense to me in legalizing medical marijuana. To be blunt, I would rather have my A.D.D. teen smoking marijuana than taking aderall……or any other A.D.D. medication or even anyone on pain medication…..vicodin….etc. these drugs are way far worse and addictive to your body. I have had a problem for 10 years that no doctor can figure out what it is….chronic pain…..and I make gel tabs with medicinal marijuana and coconut oil. They help far more than any thing I have taken. I lived on ibuprofin every 2 hours, 3 of them for years. No more! I think the government can halt down on addictive medications and look into medicinal marijuana deeper. I am legal to make my medication by the way.

  5. The medical marijuana industry it’s not only a positive thing for our economy but it’s also a positive thing 4 People’s Health

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