U.S. marijuana stocks are making noise throughout the market. In only a few short years, we have seen the cannabis industry grow into what it is today. And what that is, is a place where investors feel more comfortable than ever with the future of the market. Projections have shown the industry shooting to as high as triple-digit billions within the next decade. Since a large amount of the industry is based in the U.S., the hopes are that a large amount of this growth will be presented in this side of the market.

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One of the interesting things to note is that the segmented nature of this market means that there is potential all around the sector. This could be anything from individual medicinal marijuana markets, all the way to the largest recreational cannabis industries in the country. But, there are some businesses that have been able to operate on a multi-state level. These companies, appropriately named multi-state operators are working on producing big returns in all of the individual markets that will allow for it.

With this in mind, these companies are in no way a guarantee of success. But, there is a lot of untapped potential right now that is currently being discovered by a myriad of investors. With massive amounts of capital flowing into the industry, it looks like the U.S. has made its mark on the future of the cannabis market.

A Valuable U.S. MSO Pot Stock to Watch

Cresco Labs (CRLBF Stock Report) (CL) is a pot stock that has been making a large number of waves in the industry. The company is right now working on the acquisition of the pot stock, Origin House which would give it access to an unprecedented amount of retail locations. Currently, Cresco Labs has as many as 56 retail licenses which it can access across 11 states in the nation. If the deal were to go through, it would give Cresco Labs access to putting products in as many as 500 dispensaries in California alone.

Additionally, it would have access to around 700 locations nationwide which is quite a broad reach. For this reason among others, the company is continuing to look like a key pot stock to watch. Besides the acquisition, the company already has quite a solid business model in the works. Moving forward, it will all depend on what kind of innovations in product and business models that the company can put forth.

Another Leading MSO With A Large Presence

Acreage Holdings (ACRGF Stock Report) (ACRG)  is one of the largest MSOs in the industry. The company currently has a massive presence spanning as many as 20 states in the country. With this, it has been able to push its estimated 2020 sales to as much as $345 million for the year. One of the key things about the company is the markets that it resides in.

These markets include New York, California, Washington and more. Because of this not only broad scope but investment into some of the largest statewide markets in the country, the company remains a key pot stock to watch. In the next year or so, it seems as though it needs to continue expanding its financial success.

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