A new bill was recently signed into law known as the “Right to Try Act” which will effectively allow terminally ill patients to be able to receive medical marijuana for treatment. The bill will also prohibit the FDA from interfering in any way they would like to choose to treat their illnesses which could be anything from medical marijuana to experimental treatments.

The bill was passed unanimously by Senate last year and by the House of Representatives this Tuesday with a very positive vote in favor of the bill. Trump also personally made sure that the bill would pass with the goal being to help these patients use any treatment that could work for them. The bill will also help to move forward on clinical trials conducted by the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Sciences or MAPS.

MAPS is currently working on a trial that is in the second phase of being approved by the FDA. The trial is helping to prove the efficacy of marijuana in veterans who have PTSD. This is only able to be worked on due to the Right to Try act that is going into place shortly. Prior to this, many states have attempted to put this type of legislation in place but to no avail. A law in Utah also recently passed allowing those who have terminal ailments to attempt treatment with medicinal cannabis.

These attempts have all been extremely beneficial to the paradigm surrounding cannabis. For some time now cannabis has been considered to be taboo at least as far as treatment for diseases is concerned. With new legislation and the changing public perception, cannabis has been able to make its way to the forefront of the medical treatment world.

The bill would also effectively allow terminally ill patients the chance to try other types of alternative treatment. This could be anywhere from MDMA to psilocybin, but the patient would need to be eligible for this type of treatment.

The only gray area that currently exists with this new bill going to place is what the FDA defines as life-threatening. One of the controversies surrounding the bill is whether or not mental disorders can qualify as life-threatening due to the increased rates of things like suicide. The bill has clarified this, however, stating that the definition of life threatening goes with respect to the state law.

In states with no defined terminology for life threatening, it states that “Diseases or conditions where the likelihood of death is high unless the course of the disease is interrupted; and Diseases or conditions with potentially fatal outcomes, where the endpoint of clinical trial analysis is survival.” In addition to this, patients also have to prove that they have tried every other means of treatment prior to this point. This ensures that this truly is the last resort for the patient and that nothing else has helped to treat the condition.

The only step that still needs to be taken is in regard to Trump’s personal signing of the bill. This seems to be extremely likely as he has put himself in the public eye as a massive proponent of the bill. Trump also stated earlier in the week that it is his intention to sign this bill into law in the conning days.

Marijuana has been at the forefront of the medical eye for some time now, and bills like this continue to advocate for its use in the treatment of many different diseases. The hopes are high that the bill will continue to go smoothly through all of the steps it needs to so that patients can get the treatment they need.

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