California has managed to become quite a large hotbed for the use of medical and recreational cannabis over the course of the past few years. With laws that have been in place for over two decades in regard to medical marijuana, it seems like the number of ways to invest in cannabis in California is continuing to grow.

Back when Colorado decided to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational use, those who did not reside in the state did not have the option of participating by investment in the market. This ruled out the option for investors who wanted to get in on such a new market, but it seems as though that opportunity may be available for individuals through the Californian weed market.

The company CannaRoyalty (CSE:CRZ) has presented itself as a solid option for investment. As a company, CannaRoyalty invests in royalty agreements, equity stakes, licensing deals, debt and strategic partnerships. The company has continued to present itself as one of the largest equity interest based platforms. Part of the business has been distribution of River (RVR), 100% ownership of the marijuana vape pen manufacturer GreenRockBotanical, 100% ownership of Soul Sugar Kitchen edibles, 100% ownership of distributor Alta Supply and many more business investments. Because of this broad range of investments throughout the marijuana industry, it seems as though CannaRoyalty is here to stay.

The Canadian company known as Lifestyle Delivery Systems (OTC: LDSYF) has been working to license their product known as CannaStrips for quite some time. Early on, the company decided that they would like to be fully vertically integrated. To do this, they decided to build out a 20,000 sq. Ft. Growing a processing facility in Southern California. The company has since invested almost $7 million into the facility as of September of last year. With around 124 million shares, the market cap of the company currently stands at around $72 million and looks as though it has the potential to continue growing.

MedMen is the first on the list to be a truly Southern California company. MedMen has worked to introduce the intention to go public via the Canadian stock market over the next few months. With several retail stores in California, MedMen also runs a store out of Las Vegas with three more in the works at this time. MedMen also runs two medical dispensaries in upstate New York and one in Long Island. A Manhattan location is also currently in the works. Because of this broad range of locations and distribution, the hopes continue to be high for MedMen to continue this massive amount of growth. MedMen also recently announced that the publics-traded Canadian company known as Captor Capital recently acquired around 3% of the business for $30 million. This implies that the entirety of the company could be worth around $1 billion which is quite a big deal.

The company Sunniva (OTC: SNNVF) is a company that only began trading earlier this year, showing how new they are to the market. As a Canadian company, Sunniva is working to gain a license to open a large facility in British Columbia. In addition, Sunniva is working to build a facility near Cathedral City, CA that will be around 325,000 sq. ft. The goal is to have production reach as high as 60 million grams per year. The company would also like to have a dispensary on site so as to try out how vertical integration would work with the rest of their business. With 36 million fully diluted shares, the market cap of the company is around $365 million a of the current time.

The hopes are high that these select companies will continue to build out the medicinal and recreational marijuana industry throughout California and beyond in the near future.



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