One of the most common questions I hear within the investor and trader communities. Almost seems like they don’t know how to ask the question more direct, not how but which Cannabis Stocks or Stocks that are related to the Marijuana Industry as a whole.If you want to just buy a Marijuana Stock that is very simple, just obtain an account with most brokers like Etrade, Scottrade, TD Ameritrade etc. find the company you want under the specific Stock Symbol and submit.

If you google right now Trending Stocks, I am almost certain one of the listings will be a Stock that is related to the Cannabis or Cannabinoid market.Medical MJ has seen a huge breakthrough in the recent months, and is at the Top of almost every single Investor in the Market Place. With newer and better plant variations being produced almost hourly, this is such a Big Deal, that even the Republicans are starting to become believers of how beneficial Marijuana really is.

Medicinal Cannabis is taking interest, but wait until Marijuana becomes recreational across the country. It does sound scary, but just a matter of time. I know there is a ton of rumors around, that this is the best company they just came out with a new Hot Sauce, or this is the best Cannabis Stock it just distributed a new THC drink. I know we enjoy a good laugh as intelligent investors, but it really does spread a bad rep for the real companies that truly are Undervalued and Emerging as you read this.

What we could focus on more is a well-rounded company that also happens to be publicly traded. A legit Medical Marijuana Stock that handles everything from Growing, selling, edibles even Hemp products. What you are targeting is a company that has the biggest and strongest ability to produce revenues. Keep in mind one thing that never fails to impress is posted Earnings, and as most of us know the more revenue produced the more ability to show Big Earnings Dollars.

Will those Earnings usually related to Marijuana Share Holder Value, but this is not the core thing to fall back on. You also need to make sure the company is in a strategic position to where they can produce the same revenues year after year with steady growth.

So the next time you launch your broker program and decided to buy the Best Trending Stocks, take a look at the business model, filings, financials, executive board and consider the whole scope.

The average trader / investor just dives into anything they here on the street, now if you decided to do this be wise and always protect your core investment. Allot of our fellow Cannabis Investors have gotten burned doing this, so the next time you decide to pull the trigger on something make sure it is a sound decision based on real evidence and facts regarding that company. As an individual only you can watch out for your best interest.

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