Proper dosing remains one of the most important aspects of using cannabis properly. In recent times, medicinal use of cannabis has been plagued by inaccurate dosages that have made some impediments to using cannabis as a true drug to heal illnesses. After thousands of patients have been using cannabis for several years now, doctors are finding new ways to properly dose marijuana for the first time.

One of the main issues with dosing cannabis properly is the differences in body type from individual to individual. While one person may find relief with a relatively small amount of cannabis, others need higher doses to ensure that they are properly medicated.

According to the study “Within this unusually broad dosing range, cannabis exhibits an unusual relationship between the dose and the expected response. For most medications, a higher dose will result in a stronger therapeutic effect and a higher likelihood of adverse effects; this is described as a monophasic dose-response relationship. Cannabis simply does not follow this pattern.” The relationship between dosing and the patient is something that is particularly difficult to find in cannabis due to the subjectivity of the dose. Some patients can handle upwards of 2,000 mg of THC per day without any adverse effects while others can handle around 5mg before they are properly medicated.

One of the best ways to accurately dose cannabis is to gradually increase the dose until a tolerance is found. After a certain point, the dosages will no longer affect the outcome of the patient, leading to weaker therapeutic effects and an increase in unwanted effects. This is what observes have been trying to discover over the past few years. The study continues to state that “Consumers who continue to increase their dosage to very high levels can often reclaim some or all of the previously lost benefit, and sometimes find additional therapeutic effects not achieved at the lower doses. Of course, ultra-high doses are much more expensive and usually produce more unwanted side effects. Most patients do much better at the lowest effective dose.” To help find this low dose that is appropriate for the patient, most will need to go through the motions of testing out different doses before they can find their threshold.

With cannabis, dosing is very important to the market overall and not just to the patient fully. Having proper doses of cannabis can help lead the market to a place where cannabis can be respected as a medicine rather than just a drug. With so many new medicinal patients coming into the market to find treatment, it seems as though dosing is more important than ever. Researchers have been working to make new prescription drugs based in cannabis, but the hardest part of this is finding that accurate dose that can affect patients across a broad range of tolerances.

In a recent study that was conducted with 263 cancer patients, the group was given a certain amount of THC and CBD. The patients experienced significant improvements in pain levels over a group that was given a much higher dose. The pain level was so significant in the study, that the groups given higher levels of THC had no effect on pain management over the placebo group. This study is just one of many that continues to affirm how important proper dosing in the cannabis world is. With new studies coming out on a weekly basis, the availability of proper research is something that scientists have been trying to find. As cannabis becomes more accepted throughout the country and the world, the hopes are high that new treatments will come out giving light to the proper dosing of cannabis.

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