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Michigan has very quickly become the latest state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana. As they are the only state in the midwest at the current time that has done so, they have a lot of weight on their shoulders. The new rules should help to make the transition to recreational marijuana very smooth. The 57% voter approval of the new laws mean that state regulators have a heavy task at hand. The new laws mimic that of the medicinal cannabis market which is a good place to start.

What are Some of the New Laws?

One of the first things to note is that since December 21st, residents have been able to have and use cannabis if over the legal age. This, however, has been difficult as businesses have not yet been able to start selling the substance. The businesses that currently exist in the state are only doing so to serve medicinal patients.

Emergency rules have allowed for the Marijuana Regulatory Agency to begin accepting license applications as of November 1st. When businesses first begin to acquire these licenses, the state can decide which products will be sold within the market. Those who have been in the industry for quite a while have stated that sales may not begin until the beginning of next year.

What Will Recreational Marijuana Look Like in the State

With the new laws, state officials have put out an announcement that there are four months left for individual townships to begin reading and deciding on which parts they choose to accept. Around 600 areas within the state have shown that they do not want cannabis to be legalized locally. These bans could be shifting in the short term as areas begin to become more comfortable with the shifting market.

The new law will also effectively allow smoking cannabis at events and festivals will be legalized. This will only be allowed if those organizing the event get a permit from the state. Additionally, smoking lounges and clubs will also have options to allow consumers to use the substance within their businesses. This is a big step in the right direction as it will help to illustrate the friendliness of cannabis overall.

The laws show that those allowing cannabis use publicly will not be allowed to sell food/alcohol in the same establishment. This makes sense as it completely complicates the operation. The fact that they are allowing this, however, is quite a game-changer overall.  All in all, the state of the new Michigan recreational market is quite exciting. The hopes are high that as we move toward the near future, cannabis in the state can see more promise. Only time will tell how well the marijuana market in Michigan can perform in the coming months.

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