Canopy Growth Corporation (NYSE:CGC) is one of the leaders in the marijuana stock market over the past year. The size of the company, however, has not been able to counteract high volatility. Volatility with the company is not anything new by any means but it is something to watch out for.

The company also recently announced their sales and gross margins which were somewhat disappointing. This is in addition to an equally slow amount of growth in their edible sector of the marijuana stock market. The hopes are that they can begin to show some profits into the coming year.

Can these Results Switch Up?

The revenue growth that they have seen in the past few months has primarily come from the sales of cannabis. These sales, which are both recreational and medicinal seem to be the bread and butter of the company. Canopy Growth Corp. did see their gross margins shoot down by around 16%.

Although many were excited by the potential of future prospects for Canopy Growth in the marijuana stock market, the company has not seen much growth in recent months. This is due partly to the high competition in the industry, but also in part to the capital they have used to build out their business.

The company has stated that one of their main focuses now is moving into the edible market. This, however, is something that is not nearly as easy as they make it seem. There are a lot of inherent risks with this side of the industry. Edibles, however, have proven to be quite successful. The goal is to have the edible products available online in the near future. This would hopefully bring in a larger amount of revenue to the company.

Is Profitability on the Horizon?

The coming year should be quite exciting for Canopy Growth as they move deeper into the pot stock market. The goal is for them to see a large or even increased amount of profitability in the short term. With October 17th bringing a lot of hopes with it in the legal Canadian cannabis market, some companies have simply disappointed since that time.

The company has continued to put itself amongst the largest in the industry, which is quite a promising prospect. Only time will tell how much success they can continue to see as they move deeper into the future of the cannabis stock industry.

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