For many cannabis supporters and activists it is never a bad time to express the importance and benefits of legalizing medical marijuana.
This past Wednesday, many cannabis supporters make their way back to our nations Capitol. A House committee prepares to go over the first segment of marijuana legislation. Legislatures will listen to three different proposals that are looking to lighten up the consequences for being caught with a small amount of cannabis and an even more direct approach to legalizing marijuana all together. Yet the problem has picked up some bipartisan support, the attempt made will most likely not be successful due to push back from traditional lawmakers and leadership. What is being proposed is, if you are caught with one ounce it is a less offensive crime then a criminal one. Rep. Joe Moody- D-El Paso is the creator of the bill as well as the Vice Chairman of the House panel listening to the proposals. Joe Moody D-El Paso stated the approach of decriminalizing marijuana was a good idea.
“All around we could have a better system that uses our resources a lot wiser,” Moody stated. “We won’t be housing inmates for these low level offenses. We’ll just be citing them, allowing them to just appear in court at a later date and pay a fine.” With more activists and supporters in defense of legalizing marijuana it shouldn’t be long before it is legalized in every state throughout the nation.

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