Farmers in North Carolina could possibly be the competition other farmers are intimated by within the worldwide hemp market, assuming Gov. Pat McCrory signs it soon than later. The cultivation of industrial hemp as opposed to just importing and processing it for use in derivative products, would be legal in North Carolina under NC Senate Bill 313 which initially was in reference to license plates and registers of deeds until a subsequent addition by sponsor Rep. Jeff Collins
(R, Nash County).

In the event that the bill does become successful, an Industrial hemp commission will be put to work managing statewide pilot programs to oversee the inaugural cohort of people who cultivate commercially and researchers of the versatile crop, which is utilized to develop many products.

Currently, the rules and regulations in the state of North Carolina remained in the dark on the subject even as other Southern State governments accommodated the controversial crop. As of now, 20 states have adopted Farm Bill with compliant rules and regulations to accommodate cultivation under varying circumstances.

If signed into law, North Carolina’s new bill will need the formation of an industrial hemp commission to manage the state’s pilot program. The commission will grant paid permits, establish a reporting system for cultivators and ensure cooperation with federal law.

With news like this that potentially can act as a catalyst for marijuana companies such as Stevia Corp. (STEV) CANV, CannaVEST Corp. or most notably Hemp Inc. (HEMP) who already has production facilities ready to go could present a promising future for the industrial hemp industry in North Carolina.

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