At the moment, the biggest issue in the NFL is that more and more players are suffering from concussions. According to a recent study, 87 of 91 ex-football players that donated their brains post-death had CTE, a disease related to concussions. Also, after the upcoming release of Concussion, a movie that shall bring more attention to the issue of the injury, more and more people may begin looking for a solution to this danger.

Many people look for a solution and Simply Pure, a dispensary, that claims to have found it. Simply Pure is sponsoring what co-owner Wanda James describes as various “marijuana TED talks” about a medication derived from marijuana that she considers an amazing solution to the treatment of concussions and head injuries and this wonderful medication goes by the name Cannatol

“Cannatol is from the makers of Haleigh’s Hope,” says James. Here she is referencing a CBD strain oil that is named after a four-year-old girl that suffered from severe epilepsy and who dropped from hundreds of seizures a day to just a few after taking the medicine. The medicine has become well known and a huge success story when it comes to the benefits of medicine marijuana. “It has a one-to-one ratio of CBD to THC, which is still very low in THC. But what we’re finding is that after a head injury, a brain injury or a concussion, if you’re given high doses of CBD, it seems to remove a lot of the trauma from the injury.”

James has a bigger future for Cannatol, though; one beyond football.

“When you think about concussions, you think about professional athletes and what’s happening in the NFL with retired players,” she adds. “But college athletes playing sports like lacrosse get concussions. And that’s not to mention bicycle injuries.”

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