Will Germany Be The First In Europe To Fully Legalize Marijuana?

Top political figures in Germany have come together to find a way to legalize cannabis. This act of cannabis reform is anticipated to be introduced sometime in the legislative session. It will also present broader drug harm mitigation assistance. As well as restricting advertising of tobacco and alcohol, along with marijuana. Currently, Germany has a medical marijuana program in place. With that personal possession of marijuana is also decriminalized. However, this pending bill would attempt to establish a regulated market for adult-use marijuana.

The governing coalition is made up of the Social Democratic Party of Germany the Free Democratic Party. As well as the Greens who said that it will be “introducing the controlled distribution of cannabis to adults for recreational purposes in licensed shops,”. This is according to a translation of a multi-party working group. Who first reported it noted by Funke Media and circulated by Der Spiegel.

The so-called “traffic light coalition” is making the claim that controlling marijuana sales will help drive out the illicit market. That will be dealt with once again four years after implementation. Particularly when a review of the social impact of the reform will be needed. Furthermore, German legislators insisted that the purpose of the reform is not to increase tax revenue for the country. FDP once said that taxing cannabis like cigarettes could generate €1 billion every year.

The new report, which was agreed to by the coalition’s working group on health and care. Also, the group spoke on how the reform would promote reducing the amount of harm. This would be done by allowing drug-checking services where people could have illicit substances tested. Specifically for contaminants and other dangerous products.

There will also be stipulations associated with advertising. Which would limit the promotion of marijuana, tobacco, and alcohol to prevent youth use, Der Spiegel reported.


“We measure regulations again and again against new scientific findings and align measures for health protection,” the report states.
Bloomberg mentioned in early November that the parties were close to a deal on the matter.

This cannabis legislation has been on its way to Germany. It was 2017 when members of the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union entered into talks with Free Democrats and Greens. This talk was in regards to passing the adult-use legalization. Police associations in Germany have come out against plans to legalize marijuana.

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Final Thoughts On Germany Legalizing Adult Use Marijuana

In Luxembourg, the ministers of justice and homeland security in October revealed a legalization proposition. The minister’s bill will still need a vote in the Parliament yet it is anticipated to pass. Currently, Germany is concentrating on legalization within a home setting. Parliament is supposed to vote on the legislation in early 2022. And the ruling parties are friendly to the reform.

Now if Germany or Luxembourg pushes ahead and passes the bill, they would be the first in Europe to do so. As well Canada and Uruguay have already legalized recreational cannabis. Over in the U.S. House Judiciary Committee passed a cannabis bill in September. This bill along with legalization measures would also promote social equity. Senate leadership is also finalizing a comprehensive reform proposal.

Various Republican members of Congress proposed a bill this past week to end cannabis prohibition and tax marijuana. In Mexico, the legislature expected to vote on a bill to regulate cannabis within weeks, a top senator recently said. That comes after the Supreme Court invalidated a prohibition on constitutional grounds.

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