The former Chief of Police in Toronto, Julian Fantino, who has compared the legalization of marijuana to committing acts of murder is now opening a medical marijuana business, go figure. Fantino once told a newspaper regarding marijuana, “I guess we can legalize murder too, and then we won’t have a murder case. We can’t go that way”. During a recent interview he was asked to explain his change in thoughts and claimed that his attitude changed along with the changes in the Canadian laws.

Most believe what changed Fantino’s perspective was the opportunity of profit. With the Canadian marijuana industry booming, who would want to miss out on the success of such a rapid growing industry?

Fantino will not even say that he is now in the marijuana business, he was asked to compare his business to medical marijuana distributors his response was, “we’re not in the pot business”. Instead, he entitled his company a “medical delivery system business”. Fantino stated that the group is focused on helping patients that suffer from chronic pain, PTSD, sleep deprivation and more. But, he did also say that his group is prescribing marijuana as an alternative to opiates.

Fantino was asked if he was in favor of marijuana-related charges being dropped and he refused to comment. He repeated that his view on marijuana remain the same as the current Canadian laws, adding that it is the government’s responsibility to decide whether charges should be dropped or not.

Fantino and other former police officers and politicians were firmly and publicly against legalization. They were happy to put people behind bars over marijuana and now on board with legalization? They are now on board after joining the green rush and beginning their own legal marijuana businesses because they can see great profits while their competition is locked up.

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