Residents in Oregon can now buy legal recreational marijuana with a system similar to that of two other states. Adults over 21 in Oregon may a maximum of a quarter ounce of marijuana daily. Joe Dunne is the owner of Zion Cannabis located in Portland; here’s what he had to say: “We already have noticed that people are going to be camping out. Obviously it’s going to be a big day, and we do expect a big turnout. People have been buying weed one way for 50 years. That’s going to change (Thursday).”

At the moment, there are over 345 marijuana dispensaries in Oregon. Only 200 of them have registered to be able to sell recreational marijuana. Here’s the best part for smokers: sales of pot will not be taxed until January. Along with that, there’s a catch, however: Starting in January, taxing sales will be at 25% after lawmakers spend the next few months coming up with a way to effectively tax and licenses retailers. According to Dunne, he will be selling a quarter ounce for $70; this is even more than medicinal marijuana users pay. The upside of that, though, is that those who buy medicinal marijuana will “receive a discount to recognize their ground-breaking efforts to change society’s attitudes toward pot.”

A month ago, Colorado generated over $12 million in taxes while $3 million of that amount went to schools to fund construction projects. Marijuana Policy Project spokeswoman Lauren Vazquez used this to argue that “States are proving that regulating marijuana works, both for medical and broader adult use. We expect to see several more states adopt similar laws over the next couple years, and it’s only a matter of time before Congress follows. The marijuana prohibition era is steadily coming to an end.”

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