On Monday, the Iowa Caucus was completed and as a result, the first presidential nominating contest has finished. The Iowa Caucus on Monday saw a very tight competition as nominee Hillary Clinton came out victorious for the Democratic party winning by 0.3 percent over her biggest rival, Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont. Clinton received twenty-eight delegates while Sanders only received twenty-one. Three of the twenty-eight that Clinton was given was a result of three coin flips “in three precincts that had come up tied.” However, the true winner were cannabis activists who would be much better off under President Sanders, who is on fire, than under President Clinton.

Clinton still has the same opinion of cannabis that seems to be more beneficial for a 2000 election than one in 2016. She says that medical marijuana is a no go, stating “I don’t think we’ve done enough research yet.” It seems as though more than 29,000 studies on cannabis through the government’s PubMed data folders simply are not enough evidence. Although her stances on medical cannabis have changed, she only wishes to change marijuana from a Schedule I drug, which claims that the drug is highly addictive, dangerous and has no medical benefits, such as heroin, to a Schedule II, which says that there is medical use, but it could be very addictive.

But Sanders, on the other hand, has a mindset for cannabis that is appropriate for 2016 and even beyond. “The time is long overdue for us to remove the federal prohibition on marijuana,” Sanders announced to students at George Mason University in 2015. More than seventy-seven percent of millennial Democrats actually agree with Sanders. Surprisingly, even sixty-three percent of Millennial Republicans believe so as well. Furthermore, sixty-three percent of Gen-X Democrats and sixty-six percent of Baby Boomer Democrats believe that cannabis should be legalized.

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