Within the marijuana industry there is a lot of political action that’s taken place behind the movement of legalizing marijuana, yet Congress does not feel it is a top concern. Though I must say in the past 20 years the movement of legalizing cannabis has experienced such progression that almost half the United States allows the legal use of cannabis with a doctor’s consent as well as four states that permit recreational use.

 Recently with the CARERS Act introduced this past month, it will seemingly prohibit the Department of Justice from using money allocated by the federal government to interfere with medical marijuana in states that legally permit the use of cannabis. The CARERS Act also aims to take marijuana form a Schedule 1 drug to Schedule 2 and acknowledge that cannabis does posses some form of medicinal value. It will also allow financial institutions to make loans towards medical marijuana businesses without the federal government getting in the way while also potentially giving better access to resources to companies like GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) for better testing with CBD oils for patients who need proper treatment.
In a study from recent research out of the Journal Hippocampus, legalizing marijuana could face another obstacle. A team of individuals who conducted their research out of Northwestern University found a troubling result in reference to adolescent use of hefty amounts of pot can ultimately have an effect on long term memory. The test consisted of gathering subjects, ones who have never smoked and those who have been smoking everyday since 16 and 17 years age. The next step is closely examine MRI results that focused on the brain where long term memory is effected.
It’s safe to assume based off of American voters that the U.S. is on board with loosening federal cannabis laws. However the truth is that change is most likely going to be a slow process until physicians and researchers feel more safe about prescribing cannabis for possible long term and chronic diseases.

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