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In the 2016 November elections, more than 72% of Floridians voted to legalize medical cannabis for people suffering from debilitating illnesses like cancer, AIDS, and Alzheimer’s.

The legislation leaves state legislators responsible for the development of a system of rules and regulations. The initial versions of legislation they were awful and included clauses like the banning of all forms of cannabis (smoking, edibles, and vaping).

Yesterday, Florida’s House of Representatives passed its own series of regulations for the state’s medical cannabis industry. These regulations are not in-line with what the people wanted but is an improvement when compared to the prior versions.

Better than Before but Flawed

The passing of these regulations has upset a lot of cannabis advocates who have been working tirelessly on moving this initiative forward.

The legislation prevents the smoking of medical cannabis and creates a state-controlled system of legal cannabis farms. It also requires doctors to provide formal prescriptions for cannabis as opposed to recommendation.

The prescription requirement cripples the legislation since cannabis is still illegal at the federal level. This means that doctors who prescribe medicinal cannabis can lose their FDA licenses.

Off to the Senate before Session Ends

The legislation will now be sent to Florida’s Senate for revisions just before the state’s 60-day legislative session ends in three days. Advocates hope for the bill to be amended by the Senate and quickly sent back to the House for approval and passing before session ends.

The Florida state Legislature does not have a great track record when it comes to taking care of tis people and we urge that people go out and support this initiative before session ends!

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