Denver has begun working on the country’s first law allowing use in public places like coffee shops and cannabis clubs. However, the details about what those marijuana clubs would look like are still unclear. Here are some answers to questions about the cannabis clubs headed to Denver:

When will the pot clubs open?
Applications are available Friday, but the city has no deadline for issuing the licenses, which will cost $2,000 a year. A workgroup made up of police, restaurants, state health authorities, and cannabis activists is meeting to recommend arrangements for the city licensing authority. City regulators will make the final decision.

How will the clubs work?
A measure approved by voters last year says that clubs could not allow anyone under 21, can not sell the cannabis, and can not allow it to be smoked inside. Authorities point out that the establishments won’t have control over what, or how much, people are consuming.

Where can I locate a pot club?
Denver has no zoning regulations yet. Regulators are deliberating whether it is better to place the marijuana shops together in a common area, giving police an easier time patrolling the clubs, or whether it’s better to require clubs to be dispersed. The pot clubs will be limited in terms advertisement.

Can I Consume Alcohol While Smoking Pot?
No. Cannabis supporters anticipated a system where it could be consumed alongside alcohol at participating bars. However, the Colorado Liquor Control Board blocked any pot bars. After the Denver vote, the state liquor authorities approved a statute saying that establishments with a liquor license could not allow consumption of cannabis.

Don’t pot clubs already exist in Colorado?
They do. Colorado’s 2012 law legalizing recreational pot actually didn’t ban clubs, leaving the state with a patchwork system of local regulations regarding public marijuana use. A few towns tolerate private “members-only” clubs, however, Denver bans them. The new Denver ordinance is the first to permit public cannabis use.

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  1. Cannabis takes the “edge” off from alcohol immediately ! ! and it will likely become a great addition to any bar where after alcohol consumption spurs a person to go out and “drive” a car. He / she can perform much more safely…than being drunk…the R&D’ers need to talk to more people like myself who after 53 years as a cannabis advocate and 45 years as a professional athlete, highly trained (never led to other DRUGS ? sure a personnal but wise choice…so many want others want you to believe pot opens up the door to heroin… it’s like be careful about drinking milkbecause it may lead to Coca Cola – which should be defined as a dehabilitating drug of it’s own kind) but …they are usually religious zealots with no experience in a field they have no knowledge about). All in good time, hopefully attitudes will change for the better.

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