Governor John Hickenlooper issued an executive order demanding that state agencies remove any marijuana grown with unapproved pesticides from commerce and destroy them because they are a threat to public safety. This order is Hickenlooper’s first remark on a month-old dispute over what pesticides are used to grow marijuana. Also, it seems to be a more belligerent approach to the six recalls by health officials in Denver have called on thousands of contaminated products.

The order, which is effective as soon as possible, is the result of a collaboration with officials from many other state agencies (the departments of agriculture, revenue, and public health). The order also “provides much-needed clarity on the use of pesticides” and how different agencies should handle them, according to an announcement.

“When a pesticide is applied to a crop in a manner that is inconsistent with the pesticide’s label, and the crop is contaminated by that pesticide, it constitutes a threat to the public safety,” the order states.

According to the order, agencies should use all possible authority to stop the threat, “including, but not limited to, placing contaminated marijuana on administrative hold and destroying contaminated marijuana pursuant to existing law.” Unfortunate for some, industry spokespersons were unable to be reached for comment on Thursday. The order followed Denver Post stories that illustrate how dangerous pesticides used on marijuana can be.

The Post also pointed out how state laws that halted the use of certain pesticides weren’t imposed and that testing requirements for pesticides were being put aside. The state is currently in the middle of rule-making which will limit the pesticides that can be used on cannabis “only to those whose labels allow for unspecified crops; that can be used in greenhouses; and that are not prohibited from human consumption.” In addition, pesticides allowed in tobacco growing would also be allowed.

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