There is no question that people enjoy smoking pot. So much so that as many as nine states have legalized its use for recreational purposes including Washington D.C. One of the consequences that was quite unforeseen before legalization took place is the wide effect it has had on the black market of marijuana. Oregon has been one of the leading states in the attempt to dissuade individuals from buying marijuana in illegal ways, and prosecutors continue to show their devotion to this principle.

The top federal prosecutor in Oregon recently stated that there is a formidable problem with marijuana being massed produced. He stated that this overproduction has led to it spilling over into the black market which is something that they failed to anticipate. U.S. Attorney Billy Williams stated at a summit that states should be able to have more control over how they deal with these types of matters across the country. This has involved the intervening of certain offices including the post office service, and border control. The emphasis here is most definitely not to curb marijuana use, but rather to curb the use of the plant illegally. As the market is able to grow across states, the issue remains of how to ensure that it is not deemed as sketchy overall. Rather, people would like to see the market continuing on its current trajectory if legitimization and legal marijuana sales.

After Jeff Sessions decided to remove the Cole Memo, U.S. attorneys have begun to battle on an unprecedented level, the right to have marijuana in their states. States like Oregon have continued to show their devotion to the local community, refusing to give actions to the federal government that may hurt the citizens. Williams has stated that he hopes to calm down some fears that growers of marijuana may have of the federal governments impact on medical and recreational marijuana in the state and beyond.

The goal with the recreational and medical marijuana industry is to slow down if not end the amount of criminal networks and money laundering that is all associated with the marijuana industry. This has been one of the largest priorities of the states that have put this type of legislation in place, and continues to be a local battle. He stated that “here’s what I know in terms of the landscape here in Oregon, and that is, we have an identifiable and formidable marijuana overproduction,” going on in the state. Although most people would see this as a positive and not an issue, it remains as to how the state can entice growers enough to not move their product into the black market.

Williams has stated that he has a plan to move the market out of this trouble, and begin to take power away from the cartels and the hold that they may have on the marijuana industry. The column by the lawmaker comes only a short time after Attorney General Sessions rescinded the aforementioned Obama Era, legislation that allowed for legalized cannabis legislation in the near future on a federal basis, which many were hoping for. Given that marijuana is still considered a Schedule I narcotic, meaning that it has no potential for medical use and a high degree of addiction, which both have been proven wrong, it has been a difficult fight to get marijuana legalized across the nation.

As marijuana becomes more mainstream across the country, the hopes are high that some sort of legislation on a national level will go into place in the near future. If this is able to happen, more businesses will come into the space, and the black market will quickly disintegrate as it will completely destroy the need for illegal purchasing of marijuana.

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