Needless to say Republican Representative Andy Harris is not the most loved person on the Hill these days. In fact, rumors have been a flying as to what the masses of D.C. stoners might be plotting to do to get revenge on the pot-hating lawmaker.

It’s no secret that Harris was the lawmaker who crafted the sneaky provision that took direct aim at Initiative 71, which votes in D.C. overwhelmingly approved in November. Harris’s provision prohibits all local and federal dollars from being used in Washington D.C. in the legalization of a substance still listed as Schedule 1 by the federal government. This obviously did not sit well with the majority of those living in the District who as voted in favor of the Initiative just over a month ago. It has been rumored that the Representative even wore a bulletproof vest while eating his lunch last week.

While some people in the District are down right hostile over Harris’ shenanigans, others are taking a different approach. Some businesses, like Capitol Hill Bikes don’t feel that violence is the way the send a message to Harris. Instead they have quietly posted a photo of him on the front door of their shop, with the message “NOT WELCOME” printed boldly. There is even a “Blacklist Andy Harris” website, encouraging other D.C. businesses to do the same.

Its unclear how many businesses have posted “You Don’t Serve Us, We Don’t Serve You” signs in their windows. But it is obvious that D.C. voters aren’t happy with the lack of respect they get from the powers that be on the Hill.

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