During this past summer, Monmouth University, Fox News, NBC/WSJ/Marist, and Quinnipiac all displayed Coloradans pushing for Clinton over Trump by double-digit margins. The state had developed as a critical piece in Clinton’s electoral college firewall: Even as the Democratic nominee fell short of support in Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina, she still had a tight path to becoming victorious that cut through the Rocky Mountains.

Then CBS News/YouGov showed Clinton leading the race by only one, and CNN/ORC confirmed the trend with a survey that put Trump on top by a small digit. When registered voters were compelled to make a choice between the two major party candidates, the Democrat won 50 to 45 percent. In a four-way race among likely voters – which is to say, those most motivated to turn out – Clinton lost five points on her chief opponent. One reason: 30 percent of likely voters under 45 turned to third-party candidates, with a full 24 percent backing Libertarian standard-bearer Gary Johnson.

What could young, left-wing voters – especially, those in a swing state where cannabis is surprisingly popular – possibly notice in Gary Johnson? Could it be his dedicated opposition to free public college? Or his call for revoking the health-care law that lets Americans under 26 to stay on their parents’ insurance? His firm defense of Citizens United and the need for unlimited corporate funding in our politics? Or could it be, as we all know, the topic of legal marijuana? Now, there are other credible sources of Johnson’s appeal to the young left, including his dislike for foreign wars and support of criminal-justice reform.

If Hillary Clinton can join the support of young left-wing voters – and drive them to turn out on Election Day – she stands a better chance to win the White House. In early August, the Democratic nominee announced that her administration would remove marijuana from Schedule I – the DEA’s designation for the most harmful, least medically beneficial, illegal narcotics.

Saying “I believe the government should stop pretending that medicinal marijuana does not exist and that bong rips are more dangerous than Oxycontin” is bound to be less inspiring than “We need to stop putting people in cages for indulging in a substance less harmful than alcohol.” In declaring her support for the federal legalization of marijuana, Clinton would accomplish more than simply bringing her campaign into alignment with a millennial opinion.

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  1. You guys apparently do not believe in Hillary’s lieing behavior. She’ll may be into making money from the company’s but she will not pass nothing more other than rescheduling to class 2.

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